Sunday, May 3, 2009


I have a desire to get my thoughts out there in hopes of learning and also to have the opportunity to teach my children. I have read a few different news articles and also some post that talk about President Barack Obama over the past couple of days. Some of the comments have been right on and others comments really scare me. It amazes me the beliefs some people have when it comes to government and the president Of the United States. I have some Strong beliefs and opinions when it comes to politics, I don't believe that politics and everyday life are or can be separated. I want my children to be able to see how the things going on in our government (national, state and local) have an effect on our daily lives. I think back to when I was a young child and cannot remember caring a whole bunch about what was going on, but I remember knowing that my father voted. I really don't remember hearing my father speak about anything to do with politics. I want my kids to know a little bit more then that. I do have to say I think that my kids are a lot more on the ball then I was at that age, they have asked questions about what is going on with our government and why the president is doing one thing or another, which is a lot more than I ever did. I think I have a responsibility to teach my kids and help them to understand but I don't want to think for them. So I thought I would put my beliefs out there politically speaking for my kids to read and think about and try to find out why I might believe that way. Also, I don't know if everybody really knows how I think or what gets me going politically. I know that some of you do know what I think all to well, even so I don't think I have ever put them down in any kind of list or anything like it So here goes a partial list. By the way this list is not in any particular order, just things that come to mind right now.

1. The government is not there to take care of us.
2. The president of the United States is not a king.
3. The best place to make a change in our world is to change ourselves first.
4. That means we have to take responsibility for our own actions and beliefs. Quit blaming others
5. Our original Constitution and Declaration of Independence was inspired by God. So in my opinion it is scripture.
6. People are smart enough to figure out how to build and maintain roads, government doesn't have to do it.
7. Government should not be in the business of golf, or any other venture.
8. All value is found in people.
9. Money does not solve the problems in schools. So stop stealing my money to fund a failing system.

These are just a few of the beliefs that I have, I hope to be able to expand on some of them or maybe even have some arguments. I can tell you this it frustrates me to see so many people looking to Barach Obama for the answer to all their problems. We are not serfs. We are Sons and Daughters of God and have the ability to think and to create the world in which we will be happiest. Just like the Declaration of Independence says we are given rights by god such as life, liberty and property (our thoughts are property) or the pursuit of happiness. We are not intended to be serfs and I'm offended by people who think we should ask government to bail us out or to take care of any aspect of our lives other than the protection of our God given rights.


  1. "We Must Be The Change We Wish To See"
    M.K. Gandhi

    I am sorry I can't argue with you :)
    I think as time passes people will have to face the reality that President Obama cannot liberate people from their own bad choices....
    I think that our country needs to remember that the president should not be regarded as a celebrity, but as a humble servant of the people. He should be the number one defender and advocate of our constitution.

  2. think in this day and at this time in history, we the people have been taught and guided to rely on a higher entity. Meaning, goverment, religion, parents, or just an overall supreme character in our lives. SO with that being said, whenever someone finds their back against the wall they look to a higher Barrack (government) to bail them out of the problem they have. Instead of that higher power giving advice and teaching one to solve their problem they do it for them. That is where the downfall is. If someone is out of work they should do all they can to find work. If Your company (dodge,Chrysler) is tanking then you file and work to restart or go about your way to create a new income. But our society is so pampered and taken care of by others that its easy to sit back and allow the government to make decisions for our society. This is absolutely wrong. But to change it with majority voice is the way of the past. We the people want a voice and we want it to be heard. Our Politicians however be it Republican or Democrate have made it almost impossible to contact and voice our concerns. The majority is no longer an issue once one is in office. Oh I could go on for a while. Please if anyone can correct this please do. We just had the Tea Parties about 3 weeks ago. To what avail? I have heard nothing positive from that demonstration. So what do we have to do as a society to be heard?

  3. I don't understand the point #7 "Government should not be in the business of golf, or any other venture."

    Does the government hold stock in the PGA?

    And I agree with what you said about the government and taxes. The more I learn about it, the more I get mad that the government takes my money to waste it or spend it in a way that I don't agree. Such as bailouts. Or welfare for those who are "milking the system".

    I really don't like that we pay our taxes, and then the government goes and gives it to a company that was mismanaged, corroded from the inside by unions, and provides a poor product that nobody wants, only to have them spend the money in management bonuses and union commitments!

    Here is something that tends to "rub people wrong"...
    How do you feel about the government funding of Community Health Centers?
    I recently did a rotation in Community health. While there, I treated a bunch of people, and more than half did not speak English. Most of them also did not have insurance. The health care provided was pretty darn good, and it is heavily discounted and subsidized by the government.

    To tell the truth, I really didn't like these places... until I went there and treated the patients there. Now I think that these Community Health Centers are one of the few things that the government is doing very well.
    What do you think? Just kind of an interesting talking point...

  4. Eric,

    I was very glad to read your post. The world is changing my friend, and the direction it is headed is not a pleasant one. Thank you for being the man that you are and for voicing your thoughts this way. The more people that stand op for their Freedoms and Liberties the better we are as a people and the more likely others will join in the battle.

    The War in Heaven was about Freedom, and failure to act had eternal consequences. Why anyone would think that this battle is not still going on today really amazes me. Failure to act now will have consequences of an eternal nature as well.

    You have my upmost respect.